10 Types Of Insanely Stupid Everyday Whatsapp Forwards

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We all use Whatsapp and we all get forwards. Here we list out 10 forwards which make us go “Aata Majhi Satakli”.

Emoji Quizzes!  

Sometimes fun and sometimes just plain ridiculous, especially when someone from your gang is free of any work and sends a list of 50 films, serials, dishes, brands etc to guess! Your reply to that should simply be 🙂


Never Ending Jokes

Nothing is as irritating as a terribly contrived, unfathomably huge joke that makes you scroll three hundred times downwards.


Faltu Warnings

From incredibly stupid messages that warn you about other incredibly stupid forwards on espionage and hacking to conspiracy theories and pseudo scientific forwards –  this is why Education should be our country’s highest priority.


Mumbo Jumbo

If you like & forward this symbol in the first 10 seconds to 10 people you will get whatever you want in life. Even the Almighty will facepalm at this message!


Task Based Forwards

From complicated math problems that to unbelievably stupid visual trickery, these forwards usually come with prefix such as OMG WOOOOOW WTF DID JUST SEE?


Old Jokes

You know that one guy who always stays silent for every single conversation says “hey guyz chk dis out!” and suddenly forwards you a two year old cat video? Yeah that’s who we are talking about!



These are the tacky and crappy Pablo Picassos of WhatsApp who take immense pride in their abstract pieces of supreme nonsense.


The Party Photos Guy  

This is the guy who tries to make you jealous by sending 100-150 photos in the same freaking pose at a party, eventually messing up your 3G connection.


Weird Videos

 From silly practical jokes to random dances in weddings to more weird performances by the village idiot, these forwards should at least come with a statutory warning.


Jokes on Group Admin

We still haven’t figured why does everybody hate the admin?


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    very well compiled…team ..this is the mess we have to literally tolerate everyday….but how can we get rid of it….any solution like SPAM…..

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