10 Easy Steps To Get Ready for Navratri

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As the next 9 days promise to be full of colour, great food, awesome clothes and festive fervour, we’re preparing you to be a step ahead and ensuring that this Navratri,  you’re not the one asking the questions! 😉


1) Buy new (traditional) clothes

You’ll need these during the pujas, dandia/garba events and other festivities… unless looking like Miley Cyrus in a mandir is your thing!




2) Learn Dandia/Garba

Umm, if you just stand there and do nothing, you will get hit. And if you do it right, you will get hit on! 😉




3) Purchase and wear 9 different shades of clothing for all the 9 days

We’ve made life easier for you: September 25: Yellow, 26th: Green, 27th: Grey,
28th: Orange, 29th: White, 30th: Red, October 1: Royal Blue, 2nd: Pink, 3rd: Purple

Don’t ask. Just wear.




4) Get Fasting Foods

These range from Sabudana Khichadi to Vrat waali Roti to fresh fruits. You need to stock em’ up! Well, if you’re fasting that is.

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5) Plan ahead!

We’re guessing all your friends will have a million other things to do themselves, so plan ahead if you don’t want to end up playing dandia with yourself!




6) Throw away non-veg

If you’re giving it up these 9 days, throw it all away! If you can’t do that, well, binge eat now! 😉




7) Read up

You’re partaking in all the activities, but how much about Navratri do you actually know? Just Google it! If for no one else, then at least yourself to know why you do half the things that you do every year during this time!




8) Falguni Pathak

‘Nuff said. Get access to your old CDs, download some of her new stuff. Bascially, OD on Falguni because this is her season to rock! 😉




9) Ashtami

The 8th day, better known as Ashtami, is a day when you let go of all inhibitions and indulge in yummy halwa, puri and channe. If you have a lot of people attending, plan ahead because these tend to run out faster than you do from your parent’s room when they mention the word shaadi!

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10) Shameless ErosNow plug

And when you’re done celebrating, revel in the spirit of this awesome festival one more time by logging on to erosnow.com and watching movies like Ram-leela, Ra.One, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Vicky Donor etc., that all had at least a scene or a song or a sequence that brought out the flavour of Navratri! 🙂



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