10 Reasons Why Bengali Girls Are The Best

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An everlasting zest for life, unfathomably witty, affectionate and open-minded! No, we’re not describing ourselves, but Bengali girls. They are simply the best! Here are our reasons why you should date a Bong girl.


Chef No. 1

Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if you were served the most lip-smacking meals every bloody single day? If Forrest Gump was real he would say, “Bong Girls and Gastronomy go together like peas and carrots”.

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Everything’s in a name!

Names like Shonu, Sweety, Dolly & Cutie are boring and prehistoric. If you ever dreamt of dating a girl who already has the coolest nickname, look no further. Daak Naams such as Mamchoo, Bubbun, Aaloo , Tutun, Chotku, Piku, Gogol & Bumba are here to rule!




Silk Appeal

If there ever was a particular group of women for whom Sarees were created, it is Bengali women. Source: Every Bengali woman ever.




My Name is Khaana!

We know we covered cooking, now let’s come to the best part. Tell us how many times have you heard a girl throw tantrums and say “Nahi yaar it’ll put the curves on me again”. Well, we can assure that if you’re with a Bong, you won’t be hearing all that jazz anymore. You’re dating a Mega Foodie.




Meet the Parents

A father with a rifle, an overprotective brother and a motley crew of relatives is usually what you think in-laws are going to be (Thanks Bollywood!). No need for the phobia, Bengali parents are the coolest people on the planet. There is nothing which can’t be solved over some rasgullas?




Splurge It Easy!

While the majority will ask for the most expensive and rare gift that is out there on display, Bong Girls will ask for something rare and beautiful too. A timeless romantic film, a classic book, a nice dinner or well, maybe just a perfect ballad. How cool is that?





While Body Language 101 is the technique most girls use for attracting the opposite sex, all Bong girls have to do is hypnotize you with their eyes. Prepare to be swoon.




Beauty & Beast.

Most Indians will say Punjabi girls are more extrovert and exuberant. That goes for Bengali Women too, except that they’re Ninjas. They keep you entertained even when they’re quiet… aami shotti bolchi!




Main Teri Heroine

You don’t have to play macho in front of Bong women – they are quite self-assertive and this particular attribute also serves as a warning to oblivious boyfriends, so guys be nice ok!




Holy Moly Matrimony!

It comes once in a lifetime right? So why not celebrate it like a true king and queen? Bengali Marriages are the perfect mix of ritualistic festivities and a whole lot of uproarious fun. And they come with a spectacular menu too!



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