10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Action Jackson This Weekend

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Films are all about entertainment, and when you make it as masaledaar as possible by bringing together Ajay Devgn and Prabhudheva, you have a sure-shot winner. Here are 10 reasons why you should watch Action Jackson this weekend:

Ajay Devgn

Riding high on the success of Singham Returns, Devgn is in his top form in terms of acting and physique. His ardent fans will love him in this one for sure, and he might just recruit some new members to his fan clubs as well.



He was born to entertain, be it as an actor, a dancer or now a director. He excels in every role he takes up, and his films have the typical Prabhudheva sensibility that we all love. This one promises to be even better with Ajay in it!


Sonakshi Sinha

She’s arguably the most commercially viable actress in the current generation with back-to-back 100 crore films, the latest addition to that list being Holiday: A Soldier Is Never off Duty. She’s the queen of this genre, and the cherry on the cake is her acting prowess that promises to shine in Action Jackson.


Yami & Manasvi

While Yami is two films old, she still brings a certain kind of freshness to the screen which is evident again in the promos. On the other hand, Manasvi Mamgai makes her debut with this film in a hot and sizzling avatar that you don’t want to miss!



Himesh is back with some kick-ass tunes that have already become crowd-pleasers. Be it Keeda, Punjabi Mast or the whacky AJ Theme Song, Action Jackson has foot-tapping music that will sound even better on the big screen.



Prabhudheva is seen busting some moves in the promos. And he’s also made the star cast do the same. Need we say more?



It’s my way or skyway”, “Main ek hi baar bolta hoon… kyunki doosri baar sunne ke liye tu nahi hoga”, and “Na commitment, na appointment… only punishment” have already become cult dialogues with fans reciting and quoting them on social media and otherwise. We’re sure there are many more hidden gems that will be unveiled with the movie’s release.



This is what movies are all about and AJ is not apologetic about it. It’s an out-n-out masaledaar action movie that promises to deliver on three fronts: Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.


Solo Release

With no other big movie coming out this weekend to give it competition, you can be sure that cinema halls will be bustling with people queuing up to watch AJ and saving all their whistles for the magic that Prabhudheva creates. It will be a highly enjoyable movie-going experience for everyone.


Surprise Sona Song

There is a surprise song featuring Sonakshi Sinha busting some moves in true Prabhudheva style. So if you want to check it out, go watch Action Jackson at a theatre near you today!


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