10 Things We’ll Miss About Orkut

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At one time, if you weren’t on it, you were a social outcast. These days, if you still have an account, everyone will judge you. As we bid ta-ta to India’s most popular social networking site, we bring you 10 things we will really miss about Orkut.


Oh Scrap!

Before the FB news feed, there was the Scrapbook. You could pester your best friend, hit on a past crush, gossip slyly or well just compete for the ultimate number of scraps amongst friends.

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Y dnt u writ me a testi?” Testimonials are meant to be written from the heart and expressed out of true sentiment. But during the Orkut era, Testi was responsible for decline of English grammar across India.

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Community S01

From mainstream music group fan clubs to uproariously funny communities that were limited to housing societies, Orkut users participated in passionate discussions, hardcore online fights and unimaginable level of trolling.




Have it your way!

Unlike FB which is similar to a school uniform, Orkut had the feature to personalize your profile page and give it a unique theme. “Bhala, tera profile mere profile se colourful kaise?

themes new




Forget your CV and LinkedIn, the only profile you cared about all year long was your Orkut profile. And everyone treated it as an extension of their personality.

edit profile



Stalk Me Not!

No privacy settings meant creepiness 24/7. Long before WhatsApp’s ‘Last Seen’ feature, Orkut’s recent visitors made you either bloat in your ego or hide in fear.

stalk me not



Girls were inundated with boys want to do fraandship. And now in the time of the cautious “Do you know this person?” we actually miss such funny requests.




Rate Me

Long before S&P rated Indian economy, we used to rate a profile page on the basis of emotions.And god forbid, if someone rated your profile as Worst L

trusty cool sexy


English Vinglish

From SMS derived no-vowel short forms to being the social network which gave rise to the word ‘fraandship’ Orkut was a growing epidemic when it came to language. You could either fit in and join the club or simply pretend that u undrstud d msg.

friandship copy


Thanks for the Memories

For whatever it was, Orkut definitely holds a special place in our hearts filled with emoticons. We met new friends, wrote lengthy testimonials, trolled hard and generally had a good time discussing finer aspects of Gunda. So if you’ve not deleted your Orkut accounts, we suggest you take a trip down memory lane, relive, refresh and cringe hard looking at your profile.




Orkut closes down today Sept. 30th 2014. Goodbye, Orkut. We will miss you.


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