5 Reasons Why Rajinikanth Is The True Action Hero

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Mark your calendars: On December 12th this year, it’s not only superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday. And no, it’s not just International Style Day. It’s the day when Lingaa releases and takes the world by storm.

In anticipation of the landmark day, here are 5 reasons why Rajinikanth is the true action hero.

Super-human Stunts

Being a one man army and beating up multiple baddies is a thing of the past. It’s the style, ease, comfort and fun you have doing it that makes all the difference. Be it his gravity-defying stunts, magical tricks that mere mortals cannot even imagine, or that one epic dialogue or warning he gives before showing everyone how it’s done, Rajinikanth’s action sequences are always a treat to watch.



No matter what the situation, Rajinikanth always manages to save his heroines with style. He has the rare ability to infuse romance in even the most intense action scenes. In Lingaa, there are not one but two women to bring out this side to him: Sonakshi and Anushka.



His style is inimitable and legendary. People try to ape him, but end up looking like caricatures. Even James Bond falls short when it comes to the style and swag that Rajinikanth adds to his every punch, kick and the overall action sequence.



This is reflected in the way he delivers his dialogues before getting into a fight, and in his body language throughout the scene. No matter who’s sharing screen space with him, when Rajinikanth talks, they listen. And you listen with them.



And how fun would an action scene be without the crowd cheering on and making it look like a live battle in the Coliseum! The hooting, shouting, and money throwing is all a part of the experience which makes Rajinikanth’s action scenes look like they’ve come alive in front of your eyes.


For those who agree with us, go watch Lingaa this Friday and get reminded of the hysteria. For those who don’t, go watch it anyway so that we can say to you – we told you so! : P


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