64 Reasons Why You Should Watch Lingaa This Weekend

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Lingaa hits theatres today and the frenzy around it should only be experienced at a theatre, watching it on the big screen, surrounded by Rajini fans. Here are 64 reasons why you should watch the movie this weekend.


  • It’s releasing on more than 4K screen all over the world, so you’ll find Lingaa wherever you go!
  • Even if you’re not a Rajinikanth fan, you can’t escape this fever.
  • People have been flocking theatres and traveling miles just to catch a glimpse of Thalaivar.
  • Even Rajinikanth’s son-in-law has applied for leave today.


  • It’s Rajinikanth’s first live action movie after a gap of four years.
  • Because we love Rajinikanth 🙂
  • It has not one but two Rajinikanths. Double the power!
  • Because Rajinikanth is not just a name, it’s a phenomenon.
  • Because there is only one man who looks believable while performing gravity-defying magical tricks on screen – Rajinikanth.


  • Because Rajinikanth is the original king of style and swag.
  • Because the confidence with which Rajinikanth delivers dialogues and beats up baddies is unmatched.
  • Because the way the crowd comes alive when Rajinikanth appears on screen is something to be experienced.
  • This is the biggest South release this year.
  • Because no one can replicate the magic of the Rajini-Rahman combination.


  • Because only Rajinikanth films have the grandeur and production value to give the biggest Hollywood movies competition.
  • Because Rajinikanth’s fans are not just fans, they’re a cult following found nowhere else.
  • Because Rajinikanth’s sensibilities and knowledge of cinema are superior.
  • After watching this video, how can you not want to watch Lingaa?

  • Because the Rajini-Rahman combo is also very lucky, turning most of their movies together into blockbuster hits.
  • Because we love Rajinikanth. Again.
  • No music concert, no cricket match and no Bhai movie can match the electricity in the audience when Rajinikanth kicks ass.
  • Check out what crazy Rajini fans do.


  • Because only Rajinikanth can look convincing as a young action hero even at 64.
  • Because the Rajinikanth-KS RaviKumar duo has given us movies like Muthu and Padayappa.
  • Before you see Sonakshi’s Tevar, see Rajini’s tevar in Lingaa.
  • Because we haven’t yet found one elusive reason why you shouldn’t watch Lingaa.
  • The leave letter campaign has already gone viral, but do you really need a leave letter to watch this movie?
  • Because it’s not every day that a Rajini movie releases on the superstar’s birthday.
  • Because even at this age, Rajinikanth has the rare ability to romance two women at the same time: Sonakshi & Anushka.


  • Because Rajini’s fan army makes Salman Khan’s fans look like a small local club.
  • Because Rajini is Rajini and there can be no other.
  • Because the release of a Rajini movie is a celebration in itself.
  • Some theatres are showing as many as 72 shows daily.
  • Because the advanced booking has broken records and you might not get to see it if you delay too much.
  • Because he’s the biggest superstar in the world.


  • Let’s end 2014 with a bang!
  • The box office emperor is back!
  • Because a movie going experience like that of a Rajini film is unparalleled.
  • Because we love Rajinikanth. Again and again.
  • Because “main dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahi” suits Rajinikanth more!
  • Even at this age, he can give the younger stars a run for their money.
  • Because even the Japanese can’t get enough of him.

  • Because December 12th is a like a national festival that needs to be celebrated.
  • Because this is not a remake but an original story.
  • Because this movie was shot in record time of 8 months.
  • Because this movie will break all records, mark our words!
  • Ask any true fan and he’ll give you 640, not just 64 reasons.
  • Because when you Google ‘superstar’, Google asks “Did you mean Rajinikanth?”

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  • Because he has a larger than life presence in all his movies.
  • Because we love Rajinikanth. Again and again and again.
  • Because you don’t need the remaining 12 reasons to convince yourself to watch Lingaa.
  • Because everyone doesn’t love Raymond, but EVERYONE loves Rajini.
  • Because no one can match his style.


  • Because he got the fastest one million followers on Twitter when Twitter joined Rajinikanth.
  • Because he has so many jokes made about him, and still gets heaps of respect the world over.
  • Because there is only one Rajinikanth.
  • Because he’s the first Indian actor who starred in an Indian motion capture film.
  • Because despite being a huge superstar, he’s still extremely down-to-Earth.


  • Because even Amitabh Bachchan and Jacky Chan are hisfans.
  • Do you really need more reasons?
  • Ok fine. Because we’ve already declared December 12th as International Rajinikanth Day!
  • From a bus conductor to a superstar who’s adored by millions is a feat only Rajinikanth could have achieved.
  • Because we love Rajinikanth. Again and again and again and again 😉
  • We could go on and on, but we’d rather you stop everything you’re doing and go watch Lingaa at a theatre near you!


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