Characters From Vicky Donor That You Will Find In Every Corner Of Delhi!

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It’s been three years since Vicky Donor landed on our screens. The movie not only introduced us to a new style of comedy, but surprised us with a gifted actor in Ayushmann Khurrana. On his birthday, we look back at the movie that started it all. Here are some characters from Vicky Donor that you will find in every corner of Delhi!


The “Chape” Padosan!

She’s as much your neighbour as she is Bunty’s, Pappu’s and Happy’s. But she can’t accept herself as just that. She wants more. So she will stick to you (quite literally) through thick & thin!




The Possessive Girlfriend (well, these are not restricted by region :P)

Just to calm your clingy neighbour down a little, you went ahead and liked her profile picture. But did you see what was coming… oops!




The Inquisitive/Punjabi Mom

Ok, now you gotta dilute the situation by taking your girlfriend out on another date. But WHY DO IT IN FRONT OF YOUR MOM? Don’t you know she’s super-nosy? And Punjabi?



Dilli Da Launda

You’ve taken your girlfriend out on a date. BRAVO. But WHY must you bring your Delhi-self with you! Wait… she seems to be enjoying it?! Aakhir tu Aryans da descendant hai BHAI! 😉



The Foodie

Man, give your stomach a break. After that date, you decided to meet your “business partner”. But you still want more food? Only if I got a penny for every bite that a Delhiite ever took. Alas…





The Annoying Aunty

So you’re finally back home after doing matargashtiyaan the entire day. Obviously, the annoying aunty from across the fence must have something to say. Warning: Keep the music volume down tonight, kyunki yeh aunty police bulalegi bro. No joke.





The Desperate Friend

New day, new beginnings. But this is Delhi, bhai. You start your day thinking “this will be the best day of my life”. But your desperate (male, this time) neighbour/self-proclaimed friend attacks from no where. He wants to score. Aur bhai, iski intro sirf tu hi kara sakta hai!




The Convincing Phoney

Now back with your “business partner”, you’re forced into believing that he has the best vested interest for you in mind. Much like most of our saint-like politicians. And you agree.



The Helpful Stranger

He doesn’t know you. He doesn’t even know what you’re doing. All he knows is, that he has too much time on his hands to leave whatever he was doing to help you with something that does not require help. But, as a Delhiite, he still must.




The Scene-Creators 

Forget the stranger, Delhiites are a bunch of vellas (Google it, Einstein – They MUST be a part of any random on-going that has got absolutely nothing to do with them. In fact, they just increase the drama. Lack of Bollywood presence in the city, we’d say!



The ‘Property’ Uncle

They always want to sell. Or know someone who’s selling. Be it in Gugaon, Ghaziabaad, Faridabad or heaven. They know of a property that is “the best investment”. These uncles will make sure you buy a 5 BHK even if you’re living by yourself!



The Flashy Brigade

Young or old. Big or small. If you’re a Delhiite, you love to be flashy. You will not spend on eating that extra plate of Gol Gappas, but you WILL save up to buy the next generation of your favourite smartphone. And I mean, so will your awesome dadi!




The Alcoholics

Teetotaler? Sorry bro, this city ain’t for you. For in every nook and corner, you will find an alcoholic. Or a bunch of them. If there’s one thing that brings people from Punjabi Bagh and Golf Links together, it’s alcohol.




The Most Awesome People Ever!

Forget everything else, if you want to REALLY enjoy life, come to Delhi. And hang out with them Delhiites. Because even after an entire night of partying till 7 in the morning, only Delhiites will say: Abhi to party shuru hui hai 😉




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