Why Alia Bhatt Would Make An Awesome Girlfriend!

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She may not know who the President of India is, but she sure knows how not to take herself too seriously.

We’ve been fans of her acting talent and cuteness. And after her amazing collaboration with AIB on YouTube, we’re even bigger fans.

But that’s not it. Here are 10 reasons why Alia Bhatt would make an awesome girlfriend:


1) Show-Stopper

Be it at a wedding, a nightclub, a family gathering or at an office event, people just wouldn’t be able to get enough of her, making you a proud boyfriend!

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2) Intense Lover

She wouldn’t be ashamed of indulging in some PDA, even if it’s randomly surprising you with a kiss while you’re boringly going through your phone!

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3) Har Ek Friend, Zaroori Hota Hai

She’s so secure in herself that she wouldn’t mind being pally with your other female friends. And boy, isn’t that a trait every guy wishes his girlfriend had!

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4) Never A Dull Moment

When she’s around, you can be sure you’re always entertained. Even on a regular, mundane day, she’ll make sure she says or does something that will cheer you up instantly!

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5) Expressive

She’s full of emotions, and knows that nothing makes you happier than being constantly reminded that she’s crazy about you!




6) No Chance-Pe-Dance!

All you perverts out there: you’re not getting anywhere by hitting on her, flirting with her or simply complimenting her with the wrong intentions. She’s committed to her boyfriend, so the reaction you will ALWAYS get is…




7) Cute, Cute, Cute!

She’s adorable. And she’ll keep making you feel that with the slightest of gestures. She could be Lara Croft if she needed to, but she knows you love her as her cute, irresistible self!




8) She’ll be your pride!

With her around, you’ll always be a proud boyfriend. She’ll make you look good just by being by your side. And she will remain their until you scr*w it up! Boys be like…




9) Zzzzzzzz…

Boys love to sleep. But guess what, she won’t have a problem with that. In fact, she’ll join you during your post-lunch nap, and let you sleep in late more often than you’d expect! No nagging, no shouting, no drama. Just pure, uninterrupted, sleep.

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And we save the best for the last…


10) Mistake Admitter

Yup, that’s right. She’s probably the only girl in the world who’ll admit her mistake. AND be embarrassed about it. With her around, you can be sure that it’s a two-sided debate!

Now, why would ANY guy not want Alia Bhatt as his girlfriend 🙂






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