10 Gifs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Dharmendra Once Again!

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Most of us remember the superstar of yesteryears as the He-Man of Bollywood. Here’s a trip down memory lane – feast your eyes on the svelte, suave and colourful side of Dharmendra!

He truly showed the ladies why it was called the Golden Age. No wonder Tanuja is smitten! 


Writer, teacher, poet… Wouldn’t you be singing too if your hunk could be all of these in one gorgeous package? 

giphy (1)

Thought the age of rebellious and off-kilter clothed heroes came much later? Think again. 

giphy (2)

The only fall collection you should admire! 

giphy (3)

Feeling under the weather? Dharam from Aaj Mausam should fix your every mood. 

giphy (4)

But it wasn’t always that easy for the ladies! 

giphy (5)

Can anyone resist him as Dr. Parimal Tripathi? 

giphy (6)

Wouldn’t you excuse your man if he sang it to you like this? 

giphy (7)

Or flirted with you like this? 

giphy (8)

Or this? Ok! This one’s taking it too far! But who’s complaining?

giphy (9)

And that’s why he’s a Romeo for all ages! 

Are you a hardcore Dharmdendra fan? Tell us which was the first film that made you fall in love with him!

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