10 GIFs that Prove Rajesh Khanna was Yesteryears’ Undisputed Swag King

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Rajesh Khanna, with his irresistible charm and twinkling eyes, became Bollywood’s first chocolate boy and then went on to become the first superstar and the original King of Romance. On Kaka’s 73rd birth anniversary, we’re going to tell you why, in addition to everything else, he was also the ultimate Swag King.

This still makes girls swoon.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 1

No one can pull-off this dance move.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 2

Or this firangi look.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 3

Look at him rock the horseshoe moustache.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 4

And the Dhaka Topi.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 5

Raveena of tip tip barsa paani has got nothing on Kaka.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 6

“I hate tears”. ‘Nuff said!

Rajesh Khanna GIF 7

That smile! No one has been able to match it.

Rajesh Khanna GIF 8

Look at Kaka totally winning the fashion game!

Rajesh Khanna GIF 9

15 back-to-back solo hits. 15! Hell yeah!

Rajesh Khanna GIF 10

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