Ten Signs You Are Addicted To Item Numbers!

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If your alarm clock and ringtone are the songs Mungda and Jalebi Bai, if your idea of the perfect party is Saat Samundar on loop and you know the lyrics of Baby Doll by heart, then this list is for you!

 Here are Ten Signs You Are Addicted To Item Numbers!

 Your favourite step is undoubtedly….the Nagin Dance 


Your dancing gods are Salman, Sanjay Dutt & Govinda

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You don’t think twice while giving pelvic thrusts (Or the usual assortment of uncouth gestures!)  

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You randomly enter Baaraats (And then they don’t let you leave!)

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You start whistling and go Oye Oye! during EDM concerts

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When romantic classics put you to sleep

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You’re not too much into heavy jewellery, accessories and gadgets as they tend to get destroyed while you’re shaking your thang

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Flashmobs are passé because you’ve been doing it since you could walk around the house

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Your friends and relatives are embarrassed to take you out anywhere!

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You will teach your kids A Aa Eee Oo Ooh Ooooh! instead of ABC

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What’s your craziest memory of dancing to an item song? Post your wackiest item song moment in the comments section below!

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