6 Hollywood Hotties Who’d Make a Great Mastani

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Deepika Padukone is totally killing it as the gorgeous and fearless Mastani. We wouldn’t change that for anything. Just watch her take your breath away in the fabulous Bajirao Mastani trailer!

But we can’t help but wonder how some Hollywood beauties, who have kicked serious ass on-screen, would look as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s leading lady and Bajirao’s one true love.


Here are a few of our favourites.

Angelina Jolie

So good-looking and so badass. She really is an obvious choice. The lady knows how to pull off awesome fight moves (as seen in Lara Croft) and knows how to dress-well (reference, Mr. & Mrs. Smith). What else do we need from the perfect Mastani?

Deepika Angelina

Catherine Zeta Jones

No one can wield a sword quite as well as this gorgeous lady did in The Mask of Zorro, and she did it all in a dressy gown! Sword-fighting in gorgeous anarkalis – now that’s what Mastani is all about!

Deepika Catherine

Milla Jovovich

We know that Milla is an expert at kicking zombie ass, but can she play a warrior princess? We’ve got three words for you: Joan of Arc. Armour, check. Sword, check. Expert horse-riding, check. Pretty face, check.

Deepika Milla

You Go Girl

Lucy Lawless

If you can play Xena, the single most badass warrior lady that the West knows, you’re definitely good enough to play Mastani. Yes, she can romance too, in case you’re thinking that she would fail to be girly enough to impress Bajirao.

Deepika Lucy

Cameron Diaz

Too cute, you say? Please revisit Knight and Day and, of course, Charlie’s Angels! She played the perfect lovestruck girl, who can pick up a weapon and land some serious kicks whenever needed. We’re sold!

Deepika Cameron

Jennifer Lawrence

After four Hunger Games movies, she’s definitely an expert archer. Quite easy on the eyes too. We can totally see Bajirao falling for her. Katniss is strong, fearless, a bit of a romantic and fiercely independent, just like Mastani.

Deepika Jennifer

Shailene Woodly

The lady who left us misty eyed in The Fault in Our Stars and awestruck in the Divergent Series. There’s no reason for us to doubt that she’d make for one awesome Mastani. She’s cute and intimidating, and that’s the perfect combo!

Deepika Shailene


Emma Watson

You can put her in a pretty dress and take her to the ball. You can also trust her to whip out a wand and fight enemies twice her size. Most of all, you can rest assured that she will fiercely protect her family and friends at all times. Those are all very Mastani traits. Plus, we think that she’d look absolutely adorable in a saree.

Deepika Emma

Cara Delevinge

Two reasons – one, she kinda looks like SLB’s Mastani, and two, we believe that she would look equally splendid in an armour as an anarkali.

Deepika Cara

Gemma Arterton

Princess Tamina (Prince of Persia) is a brave warrior, totally devoted to her kingdom, an expert at knife fighting, a romantic and breathtakingly beautiful. Mastani, amirite?

Deepika Tamina


Which Hollywood lady do you think would rock as Mastani? Let us know in the comments below.


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