How to Look Like Kashibai in 10 Easy Steps!

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Kashibai is loving, devoted, sweet, shy and every bit as classy as a Peshwa’s wife ought to be. One look at Priyanka Chopra and we know that these traits are reflected perfectly in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Kashibai. The lady’s look in Bajirao Mastani is beyond perfect!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you too can recreate this classic look.

Step 1

Choose a bright nauvari saree. The brighter, the better.


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And here’s some help with the draping:

Step 2

Get an embellished blouse. You can get it stitched, of course, or opt for a readymade one.


Source: Fashion Lady

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Step 3

Pick out a traditional Maharashtrian nathni. This is an absolute must-have.


Source: Jewellery Indiaa

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Step 4

Don’t forget to get a pretty maang tikka. (Stay away from the chunky ones though.)

Maang Tikka

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Step 5

Another must-have is the traditional mohan mala, a long beaded necklace with multiple strings.

Mohan Mala

Source: Anuradha Aarti Jewellery

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Step 6

Keep those glass bangles green.


Source: Instagram

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Step 7

Twist your beautiful tresses into an ambada (basic bun or jooda). Hair too short? Get some extensions. Problem solved!


Source: Pinterest

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And here’s a how-to:

Step 8

Don’t forget an ornate bun pin and gajra.

Bun Pin

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Step 9

Jhumkas! Go by the thumb rule of neither too big, nor too small.


Source: Chintamanis

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Step 10

Keep the make-up simple. No dark lips or smoky eyes. It’s all about natural light pinks, nudes and the lightest hint of kajal. Also, don’t forget the crescent-shaped bindi (chandrakor).

Make Up

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