This Shocking Video Reveals Jadoo’s Evil Side

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Here at Eros Now, we love playing “What If…?”, and that’s exactly what we do with the Not Coming Soon series. We take an existing movie, and turn it up on its head, with a different genre, a different story, with your favourite heroes turning villains, and the iconic bad guys turning saints.


This time, it was Koi Mil Gaya’s turn to get a complete story overhaul. Ever wonder what Koi Mil Gaya would become, if it was played backwards? What if, Jadoo was the evil alien, bent on ruining Hrithik Roshan’s life? What if Hrithik swore revenge against alienkind, leading up to a War of The Worlds-like sci-fi epic?

If that has you wondering, check out Not Coming Soon: Koi Mil Gaya.

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