5 Reasons Phobia Is A Must Watch

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The creepy psychological thriller Phobia releases this Friday and we can’t recommend it enough. Here are 5 reason you simply must watch the film.

Radhika Apte’s Performance

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The actress has been appreciated in smaller roles in films like Badlapur and Shor In The City but she really gets a chance to shine as protagonist. It’s a brave and risky role that she takes head on.

The House As A Character

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Phobia is a “closed door” thriller in the sense that most of the film takes place in a single flat where Radhika is trapped due to the illness. This makes the house itself a major character as it reveals its secrets.

A Subject Not Explored In Bollywood

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The subject of severe phobias & mental illness is often not dealt with very sensitively or progressively and awareness is generally very low in India. Phobia manages to shine a light on it through a thriller and does so in a relatable and modern way.

Pawan Kirpalani

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The director is known for his superhit horror film Ragini MMS and he manages to strike a complete knockout with Phobia. With this film he has cemented himself as a talent to watch out for.

A Refreshingly Unconventional Thriller

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Phobia is a genuinely different kind of film that focuses more on psychological terror. It is smart, sophisticated and has an unusual plot that will keep you guessing with twist after twist. It’s just something you haven’t seen before.

Phobia is in cinemas NOW. Watch the trailer below.


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