5 Underrated Aamir Khan Performances

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Happy Birthday Aamir Khan! The perfectionist, the thinking man’s star, it’s his special day today and we thought we’ll point you towards a somewhat different crop of his classic films than the ones you’re used to seeing. Read on!



This dark little crime thriller was Aamir’s first film after his debut smash Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Raakh was a critical hit and has developed a following over the years, but still isn’t as well known as it should be. Check this one out!




1947:Earth is one of Aamir’s earlier “different” roles. He packed quite a punch even with little screen time and a supporting role, but the Deepa Mehta film is better for it.


Andaz Apna Apna

Yes, we know. Andaz is a cult hit and everyone loves the film these days. But would you pick Aamir’s performance in the film as one of his best? We would! Here’s the thing: comedy is hard and Aamir gives it his all. We wish he did more films like this one.


Mangal Pandey : The Rising

Yup, this is the film everyone wants to forget. Even Aamir. But the truth is, despite the messiness of the film around him, Aamir gave his blood and soul to the character of Mangal Pandey, and he is the reason the film deserves another chance.



In his recent string of hits, this nifty masala film is mostly forgotten. But Aamir’s bravura performance still holds up, and as usual he ended up being a trendsetter for South-style actioners.


Which Aamir performance would you pick as your favorite? Join in the comments!



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