6 More Celebrities With Real Life Phobias (You Won’t Believe)

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We know some of you were shocked to see what your favourite celebrities are afraid of in our last blog. Well now we have 6 more celebrities who have some very surprising phobias, just like Radhika Apte’s character in the upcoming psychological thriller Phobia. Now we’re not saying that these actors will never be able to face their fears, or haven’t done it already. Because that’s not how phobias work. So read on!


Abhishek Bachchan – Fruits


The Guru star has a major fear of fruits! In fact, on a talk show he confessed to never having eaten a single one.


Ajay Devgn – Eating With Hands


The Singham star never lets his hands touch food, he even eats rotis with a fork! According to the thoughtful actor, he can’t bear the smell it leaves on his fingers.


Johnny Depp – Clowns


Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow is afraid of those playful stars of children’s parties. Somewhat surprising considering that these days Johnny barely does any roles where he doesn’t get to put an inch of face paint!


Arjun Kapoor – Ceiling Fans


Ka himself has a peculiar fear, he can’t be around ceiling fans! Well we can only guess where he falls on SRK’s divisive Fan.


Nicole Kidman / Celina Jaitley – Butterflies


The very pretty actresses are afraid of these very pretty creatures! Yes this is a totally real and serious phobia called Lepidopterophobia.


Sonam Kapoor – Elevators


The always glamorous Neerja star has a deathly fear of elevators and it’s actually a quite common phobia. We don’t know if always taking the stairs is the pretty actress’ secret but we can speculate!


What are you afraid of? Let us know in the comments below!


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