“I don’t believe in choosing films on the basis of performance oriented roles” says Kareena Kapoor

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“I don’t believe in choosing films on the basis of performance oriented roles”.

Kareena Kapoor spoke exclusively to Eros Now at the trailer launch for her new film Ki & Ka about how she chooses her roles, what she thought of the film and more. So read ahead!


On why she chose the role of Kia and how it was to play the character

When Balki narrated the script to me, I think I just jumped at it. At the interval point itself I decided I wanted to play the part of Kia and do the film. I was very excited to play this kind of a role after a long time and I could relate to it because I’m also a married working woman just like the character. It’s something I’m very proud of and something I constantly carry on my sleeve. I like to do different kinds of roles with different actors and working with someone like Arjun was even more exciting.


On ‘Streeling / Pulling’ and why Ki & Ka is a different film

What we’re saying is “Streeling Pulling Same thing”. Of course it sounds cooler in Hindi but it is also something understood by everyone including the media and the amm junta. I was very happy with the reaction to the trailer because it’s exciting, it’s fresh and it’s new. It is a cliche because every actor says it, but I think this is film is genuinely completely different. For the first time on Indian screens we talk about how a man and a woman are equal, how it is fine for a man to be a stay at home husband and a woman to be a working woman. In 2016 there are more women in corporate offices, in journalism, in different fields. You see more and more women around and it’s totally relatable.


On her ‘performance oriented” roles

I know my fans love my performance oriented roles, but I don’t believe in choosing films on the basis of that. I like to work in my comfort zone and with people I connect with. The length of a role doesn’t really matter to me, I always intend to be part of good films. I think as an actor if you approach film as a “performance oriented” role, then somewhere you are constantly thinking that. So I don’t think an actor should work like that. I believe you just approach it as a role and a part and that’s the way I think in my life.



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