“I don’t see myself being a husband in real life any time soon” says Arjun Kapoor

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“I don’t see myself being a husband in real life any time soon”

Arjun Kapoor talks exclusively to Eros Now about his new film Ki & Ka, what being married to him would be like and more!


On what kind of husband he would be

I don’t see myself being a husband in real life any time soon because who would like to marry me?! But if it is somebody’s misfortune to spend their life with me, I’ll try to be as good a husband as possible by balancing my life personally and professionally. I would have to confess that I love my work, I love what I do but at the same time if I marry somebody I would love them very much. I would share everything with them as they say in hindi “haath batana” (lending a hand) If she appreciates my interferences in her daily activities I would interfere.


On why he chose the role and how difficult it was

It was very strange, Balki sir and I had a candid conversation of the idea that every boy grows up wanting to be like his father. What if a boy grew up wanting to be like his mother? I didn’t need to hear another line or word. It was the first time I agreed to do a film like that, the whole idea is encompassed in those two lines. I was really happy in a way I felt fortunate that he somehow chose me. It’s a role any young actor would want to play, it is so fresh and unique. It can bring a positive influence and motivate people leading a mundane life so they find a sort of difference in their marriage or their relationship. I would say I was a little nervous because it is a difficult role to say yes to. I think our country has taken its time to change, even cinematically, but I think it is a step in the right direction to get a good reaction.

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On the response to the trailer

The response to the trailer has been good because I think people didn’t expect Kareena and me to look good together! They couldn’t place why Balki sir had chosen us, what sort of film it is and what tone we would catch in trying to speak about such a relevant subject. But it’s worked in getting people’s attention, it has worked for the romance and all the right reasons. It’s not spoonfeeding the audience like “we are doing something different.” It just comes across unique because it truly is quirky and different.

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On “streeling / pulling / same thing” and what it means to him

Streeling is female, and pulling is male. I wouldn’t say it’s always the same thing, but in the context of what you want to do in life it means sense. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you decide what your woman does and just because you’re a woman doesn’t have to mean that you don’t have a choice. The fundamental essence of a human being is being able to chose what they want to be, whether it is a house wife or a working woman or whether a man wants to be a writer or an engineer or he doesn’t want to work and discover himself. It should be purely his choice, so in life it doesn’t matter whether you should be male or female the choice is yours.

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On the story of the film

The trailer starts and I say this line “Kia ek ladki hai aur main ek ladka hoon. Par main aapka confusion samajh sakta hoon. Ghar sabhale to ‘ki’, bahar jaake kaam kare toh ‘ka’ according to Hindustani sabhyata” So these things are very stereotypical and I think it has already started to change in our society. I hope our film opens that mindset even more. For example being a man doesn’t mean that you have the physical features or you have to act like a man. You have to be loving, caring, nurturing towards the woman you love. It doesn’t have to mean that you earn the bread and butter. And being a woman is also about being independent and also someone who understands what it takes to make a relationship work. What you do doesn’t define who is a man and who is a woman.

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On mixing up ‘ki’ and ‘ka’

I’m always good with Hindi, I wanted to be an actor so I payed extra attention to Hindi and I’m very particular about it. So I’ve never made the gender mistake. But Balki sir does it a lot with ‘ki’ and ‘ka’ so the whole thing came just through him and nobody else.


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