Baarish In Bollywood: The Mighty Monsoon Twist!

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The Monsoons are here and we have to give it to Bollywood for incorporating the Rain-Gods so strategically into its plots…


As the skies open up, a light drizzle has the hormones of the young, and sometimes the not so young love birds chirping even as they walk out hand in hand into the rain, professing their love…


Inadvertently, the rains gather strength, the plot thickens, and other myriad relationships tumble out of the closet. Akeli ladki running away from probable rapist, is but an often seen motif in Bollywood. Chiffon sarees clinging to their slight frames, hair plastered but almost still in place and somehow, however well-heeled, running bare-feet helter-skelter across an undulating and mostly uncomfortable terrain…Straight into her admirer’s arms who then dispatches the pursuing evil with some severely physical reprimands, towards rage and useless wringing of hands

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With ever heavier rainfall lashing away on the screen, it is the moment for the family, or any other such stakeholder to question some hapless Abala Naari’s aan, izzat and other such complicated, misunderstood, non-existent and often fictitious attributes that are best kept out of any conversation with a semblance of sanity.

When the thunder bolts strike and the rain becomes louder, ‘audibly’, a Maa is being forced to leave her child at the Mandir, an evergreen couple is breaking up, or the child who shall change the destiny of the entire universe is making his/her mother miserable with deadly bouts of labour pains.

Then there is our most favourite motif that is the result of the rains. Rains make our lovely on-screen couples frisky and craving for some much needed intimacy.

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This Choti Si Bhool usually translates into a model child who when he/she realises that daddy abandoned them without knowing anything about being blessed with parenthood, burst into tears and bouts of irrational anger and mood of the once peaceful household is further held to ransom by mayhem, courtesy a violent downpour outside.

There’s the occasional Bhuvan actually praying for some rain, so that the Lagaan gets cancelled and when the megh fall with force, the whole village dances with great spirit…Sometimes, it might just spark a romance…


There are those rare ones such as ‘Rain Coat’ and ‘Ek Ruka Hua Faisla’, where the story solely progresses because of the Monsoons. Should go and check the credits list, for Madame Monsoon!

Such is… The power of the Rains!


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