Five times Taraat reminded us of that melodramatic friend in love!

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ritiesh in banjo


Nothing can be more annoying than dealing with a friend in love. Worse, they don’t even want to approach the girl, no matter how much they’re dying to! Like seriously dude, who’s got into you, Devdas? 

So recently when Banjo released the song Udan Choo, we couldn’t help but notice how much Taraat reminds us of that friend struck by a squad of cupids!

Check it out:

When the girl he likes and makes sure his friends call bhabhi, becomes his bhabhi:

When he won’t stop telling you how many times she breathes and blinks #DudeStaap

When he’s too desperate for her attention #NoBroPlease

When she likes his display picture and he starts planning his grahasti:

When they’re finally together and now you have to deal with both of them:

can i go now


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