7 times Kajol proved she’s the Queen of all expressions!

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It’s not easy for an actress to express her character so well that the masses can actually relate to it. Except that actress is Kajol of course! Queen to the Baadshah of Bollywood on screen, Kajol has time and again proved her mettle as a power-pack performer. So much that we can’t help but find her on-screen expressions more relatable in our daily lives. And with the beautiful actress celebrating her birthday today, here’s our special edition featuring 7 moments when she perfectly expressed our inner emotions like a boss: 

When you wear a backless dress to a party and your crush enters:

When your brother asks you for a favour and you remember he didn’t help you decades ago:

When your best friend’s crush is standing right next to her and you can’t help but:

When your maid turns off the fan early on a Sunday morning: #WhyMaidWhy?

When you’ve realised you’ve missed the annual 50% sale at Forever 21: 🙁

When you get your facial done after several months of no salon trip:

When your boyfriend talks to the girl you hate:

And finally when the online order you been waiting for, arrives: #EternalBliss


Spot on isn’t she? #KeepSlayingIt Kajol! 

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

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