7 Times When You Should #DoRada In Real Life!

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Because YOLO.

Just when you thought you’ve got all the excitement from the Bappa song, Banjo released another song – Rada and it’s taking the music madness to a whole new level. High on beats and full of life, Ritiesh and Nargis are setting the stage on fire in the song!

But what does Rada mean? We bet even you’re thinking.

Rada is a very Bambaiyya word which simply means To Give It Back With A Fight. Actually, the type of Rada you should be doing, every time life gives you lemons in dozens! Which, for every 20-something or above could be daily.

So get ready to #DoRada:

When Panipuri wala refuses to give you extra Sukha Puri! 

That Puri Is My Right!

When your Friend who said no for Fries, eats up all your Fries!

Fries Are Not For Sharing!

When you’ve pulled an all-nighter for a Project and the Lecture gets Cancelled!

Die. Faculty. Die. #BurnInHell!

When someone says Burger is better than Vada Pav!

How Dare You.

When you expect Biryani but Mom makes Karela!

You Displease Me, Mother!

When the Girl you like calls you Bhai

Why Woman Why?!

And when your Boss says work from home during the Long Weekend

I’m Done With You. Bye.

Think No More – Khulla Karaicha Rada Rada!

Watch the full song below and do share your #Rada stories with us! 😀

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