The Asli Bollywood Guide To Holi

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The festivals of colours is upon us and like a true phillum-loving nation, we like to celebrate our festivals with the stars. So, here are few GIF-enhanced tips to enjoy your Holi, Bollywood-ishtyle!

Show off your swagger


Watch all your favourite Holi songs and learn the steps


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Always be ready with backup



 Make a connection with that special someone


Don’t be this guy


Come on! No one likes sneaky waterbombers. And save that H2O!

Or this girl


Some people have allergies or just don’t like colors! IT’S FINE!

Keep your favourite Holi music handy


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Finally, let your freak flag fly and remember to have FUN! And don’t overdo the bhaang!


What’s your Bollywood way to celebrate Holi? Tell us in the comments!

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