This Friendship Day, all you need is Zara Si Dosti, Happy Style!

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It’s the little moments in life that sometimes leave a huge impact on our minds, especially if they are shared between friends. After all they are the family we choose, they are the ones we turn to in happier times or sad. And this Friendship Day giving this special bond a magical rhythm is Arijit Singh’s Zara Si Dosti from Happy Bhag Jayegi. Here are some special moments from the song that’ll make you want to hug your friend right now:

They’ll cross borders if they have to, in order to rescue you:

You know you’ve messed up when they look at you like this:

They’ll let you be all crazy, because they’re as crazy as you are:

No matter how much you’ll fight, one hug can make things right:

They’re hands down your best critic:

They listen to your stories no matter how senseless they are:

And they’ll encourage you even at your worst: 😀

That’s how special they are! So this Friendship Day, spare a moment and express Zara Si Dosti, Happy style. 🙂

Check out the song below:

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