Birthday Special: Which Shahid Would You Love to Love?

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Disclaimer: You are not actually going to get to love any of these Shahids. Only Mira gets to do that.

It’s Shahid Kapoor’s birthday and we have picked out 7 guys he played who could very well fit the “perfect lover” bill. So much fun!

Jai Malhotra

Fim: Fida

Fida Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: A super cute guy who has awesome dance moves and can turn totally badass when someone is threatening his girl? Who would say no to that!?


Film: Vivah

Vivah Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: He has class, he has the sanskaar and he has the perfect blush. Such husband material! The parents would totally go ga-ga. The money isn’t bad either *wink wink*.

Aditya Kashyap

Film: Jab We Met

Jab We Met Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: The man just fixes everything, like he’s got a magic wand, and so selflessly! Who needs a Fairy Godmother?


Film: Kaminey

Kaminey Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: Not enough space. Let’s just say, he’s awesome. Watch film for details, thank you.

Harinder Singh

Film: Mausam

Mausam Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: A very handsome Squadron Leader whose love doesn’t waver, no matter what the circumstances? Yes please!

Vishwas Rao

Film: Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

Phata Poster Nikla Hero Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: You’ll never be bored around someone who has an antic to suit every situation and he’s brave, and so dreamy. *sigh*

Jagjinder Joginder

Film: Shaandaar

Shaandaar Shahid Kapoor

Why love him: Is that visual not enough? Also, sensitive with a dash of badass.

Which is your favourite Shahid Kapoor avatar? Tell us in the comments below!


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