Farhad-Sajid Want To Remake Amar Akbar Anthony

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Housefull 3 is in cinemas this weekend and it’s getting rapturous response. We sat down with Farhad-Sajid, the writer-directors of the film, to find out their process and much more.

There is no formula to comedy, and it’s not an easy job

Sajid: You have to be funny from the inside. I can tell you a Whatsapp joke but you won’t laugh at that twice. The humour we try to bring out is, I always say laughs should come from the heart. And the stomach!

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The idea itself has to be funny

Farhad: We always try to create situations first. That has to be funny, then you can add slapstick or make the dialogues funnier. A good example of this is in the Housefull 3 trailer, “Will you be my tawaif?”

 We are very honest and critical to each other

Farhad: Half of the day he hits me, then I beat him up! We are two brains working together so there will always be a difference of opinion. Arguments happen but at the end of the the day it’s for the betterment of the film.

Sajid: We fight a lot over scenes! But say if I butter him up, or he butters me up, and we’ll tell each other our work is great, then we lose it. That’s why honesty is very important.

 We are very particular about the characters

Sajid: No matter who we are writing for we always try to develop the characters first, then the quirks follow. I meet a lot of people in real life and I try to get inspiration from how they speak, how they behave etc.

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Akshay’s character was a big risk

Farhad: Akshay Kumar has a split personality in the film. Now no matter how much homework you do on paper, no one knew how it would work until we were on the sets. Even Akshay was not sure. So it was only after the cameras rolled, we had a few takes, that we could get the best out of that idea.

We love classic comedies

Farhad: Padosan, Amar Akbar Anthony, we love those movies.

Sajid: We have watched them so many times, and every time we whistle at the screen!

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Riteish Deshmukh is funny both as a male and as a female

Sajid: Among male actors I would say Johnny Lever has the best comic timing.

Farhad: I think Riteish can cover both male and female categories! Even when he’s dressed as a woman he is so sexy and funny!

Sajid: Among women I think the sisters Karishma and Kareena are the best. We haven’t worked with Karishma but her films with Govinda are so good.

Housefull 3 is a completely new story

Farhad: It has the basic concept of the Housefull franchise, of too many characters collecting under one roof. But otherwise it’s not connected to Housefull 2.

Sajid: And the girls have that quirk where they mistranslate Hindi, that’s very cute!

Housefull 3 is thrice the laughter, thrice the fun

Farhad: See the public wants to be entertained. So we’ve tried to add action, romance, masala, but all with a comedic flavour!

You can watch the entire interview below and leave your comments below.

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