10 Ways Being A House Husband Is The Best!

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With the release of the first trailer for Ki & Ka, here are the many ways being a house husband is awesome.

Afternoon nap. Any job that allows you a siesta is a dream job


Job Security! Being a house husband means this is one job you can’t get fired from! 

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No deadlines, no pressure! A house husband has no pressure to complete his duties because he knows the wife will still be grateful.

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Having fun in the kitchen! The kitchen is the most fun room in the house and you can go crazy with the possibilities. 

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A boss who loves you and treasures you! A house husband has the best boss ever! Someone who kisses them good morning and good night.

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Vacation time whenever you want! Feeling a little low? This job doesn’t require a notice or a good reason to take the day off. 

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No worrying about finances! On the flip, you don’t get a raise.

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Taking care for your wife after she’s had a bad day! The joys of nurturing your spouse are priceless. 

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Making fun of your buddies for working too hard!

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You can hang with all the building hotties when their spouses are away. Chew on that.

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