6 Times Bollywood was Unintentionally Homoerotic!

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With the debate raging on about Section 377 and Aligarh getting an “A” certificate from the censor board, we’ve decided to showcase a few times when Bollywood went full homoerotic, and almost everyone, including the censor board, missed it.


Let’s begin with the most obvious of the lot. Remember the famous shower scene? 2 grown men. In the shower together. Like really.


(Source: YRF Films) 

And this is just one instance from a film that takes “brotherly” love to a whole different level.


The Khiladi- Anari homoerotic undertones are tough to miss. This particular sequence from Keemat definitely stands out.


The two are definitely too comfortable there.

Kal Ho Na Ho

This time, Saif joined hands with SRK to play a “misunderstood” character. Kantaben’s suspicions left little to imagination, so this isn’t strictly “unintentional”.


However, the censor board didn’t slap an “A” on this. What is up with that!?


Call us crazy, but Amitabh and Pran’s friendship was not all that platonic, at least from Pran’s side. There are declarations of undying love in the film to support our claim.


Amitabh was also more at ease with his best-friend than his wife, Jaya.

Namak Halaal

And here’s another Amitabh-Shashi Kapoor pair-up taking friendship and care to a level that is beyond platonic.


When you proclaim that you’re willing to die for someone (who isn’t related to you by blood), we usually peg it as “true love”. Yes, very Bollywood thing to do.


Sure, the men were vying for the love of a woman, even ready to kill each other in order to win. But we ask you this – what happened in the end? Who won? Huh? Huh?


(Source: YRF Films)

You get the point, right? 😀

P.S. Here are some bonus videos too!

When Rajendra Kumar gave us serious #BromanceGoals! 

The Sisterhood of the Thrusting Pants! 

And lastly……the masseuse from Jeevan Mrityu! 

Can you think of something that we may have missed out? Let us know in the comments below!


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