Promises You Won’t Break To Bae!

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Whoever said promises are meant to be broken was totally talking about super Bollywood promises like “I will get your the moon and stars” or “We will never fight”, etc. We’re here to tell you about 10 promises that you’ll never have to break and will make your bae super happy, which directly means that you’ll be super happy!

1. I will always use a roll-on deodorant.

For: Him

We can’t even begin to stress how important this is.


Dear men, please always stick to this promise.

2. I will not throw a tantrum when a boys’ night out is planned.

For: Her

Ladies, your man deserves this at least once a week.


Trust him enough and let him be with the guys for as long as he wants.

3. I will not zone out when you’re telling me about BFF problems.

For: Him

Instead of going “ugh!”, please feel honoured that your lady decided to vent to you.

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Or would you rather run the risk of her finding a sensitive guy friend who “understands” her? No? We thought so.

4. I will not ask for your passwords.

For: Her

Trust us when we say this, ladies, you don’t need his phone/email/social media passwords.

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And make sure you don’t share yours (unless it’s an emergency, of course). Love is all about trust.

5. I will never point out how much you gossip.

For: Him

Everyone gossips, okay? Even men. Stop trying to make your woman feel bad about talking and sharing stuff.

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Don’t ever do that.

6. I will not pester you about your exes.

For: Her

Girl, he’s with you, end of story. Who cares about that lady from his past?

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Even if he’s still in touch with her, you don’t have to care, at all!

7. I will not judge you for wanting to eat pizza 2 nights in a row.

For: Him

Everyone loves pizza, including your girl, because it’s awesome!

200 (6)

Don’t judge even if she wants pizza every single day!

8. I will order my own food and not pick off your plate.

For: Her

Because few things are as annoying as someone not getting their own food and then eating half of what the other has ordered.

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Seriously, get your own food!

9. I will always give an opinion when you ask for it.

For: Him

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It doesn’t even have to be a totally honest opinion. Just don’t zone out or make it clear that you don’t care.

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The girl trust you enough to want your opinion on stuff, don’t let her down!

10. I will not pester you about “that girl at your workplace”.

Because there’s no reason to, seriously.

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And if there is a reason to, no need to pester the man about it, just talk to him.

Have you been making some promises to your bae? How many have you managed to keep? Tell us in the comments below. We’re reading!


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