Seven Kala Chashma Memes, You Can’t Miss!

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Upcoming Film, Baar Baar Dekho is already making a buzz with its new hit single, Kala Chashma and everyone’s grooving!

Kala Chashma is a useful add-on as an easy fashion accessory, but its actual utility has just been discovered by us!

Aha! So many uses, romantic, life-saving and sometimes simply genius!

Whether you are a beach bum or a new age Dulha, a pair of Kala Chashma can do wonders for your swag!


That Awkward ‘Mujhe Nahin Pehchana’ moment with your extended family!


That epic time when your eyes go sick with all the love


Become the boss of covering up for all-nighters with your gang!


Don’t be a creep! Wear a Kala Chashma!


Show your love for your BAE, by coordinating your Kala Chashma…It’s all in the eyes guys!


So…Lead The Way Guys!



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