Diana Penty can sabotage herself! Abhay Deol’s candid confessions

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abhay deol happy bhag jayegi



 After two-year hiatus, dimpled-actor Abhay Deol is back with some hardcore confessions as he promote his upcoming release, Happy Bhag Jayegi! Critically acclaimed and known for exploring the unconventional, Abhay is excited about playing a Pakistani who finds himself entangled in Happy’s misfortunes. With the film all set to release next week, we caught up with the actor for a candid chat.

Here are his confessions – Abhay Style Plain speak:

Confession no 1:

‘Happy Bhag Jayegi is a script that Socha Na Tha, ZNMD and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye were for me.’

Did you see what he just did there? Looks like Happy Bhag Jayegi is all set to join his list of critically acclaimed films!

 abhay deol happy bhag jayegi

Confession no 2:

I rather be a mystery, than advertise scissors on television.
In a world full of Kim Kadashians, the actor would rather be a mystery- that’s why you won’t find him tweeting what he ate for breakfast or anything at all. #WeTotallyLike

abhay deol happy bhag jayegi

Confession no 3:

‘I love the fact that I’m the face of Indie Cinema.’

And why wouldn’t he? After all, his  contribution and fascination towards parallel cinema has been huge! You totally deserve the title, Abhay.

abhay deol happy bhag jayegi

Confession no 4:

I cannot build muscles and take off my shirt, that’s not me.

Yup, no assembly line 6 packs for our thinking actor.

abhay deol happy bhag jayegi
Confession no 5:

Diana is better than most of the actresses I’ve worked with.

Abhay says Diana has a lot going for her – except she has no clue that she does!

abhay deol happy bhag jayegi

Find out more – Watch the video below:

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