Four Kala Chashma parodies that’ll make you laugh louder than ever!

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kala chashma parody

You know the song is a winner when people can’t help but look for different versions to enjoy it even more! Yes, we are speaking of the various parodies of Kala Chashma going viral on the internet for all the right reasons. Hilarious and creatively synced, these videos certainly confirm that Sidharth and Katrina’s party anthem is totally winning hearts all over.  So what are you waiting for? Put on that Kala Chashma and enjoy the best four parodies that made us laugh louder than ever.

Kala Chasma with Bollywood’s SWAG: Probably the best mashup so far, Bollywood fanatics you’ll just cannot miss this one!

Happy Feet ft. Chipmunks: This adorable union of Happy Feet, Marty from Madagascar and the Chipmunks is downright hilarious! Watch it if you haven’t already.

The Gujju Parody: Because why not? And the dandiya twist in the end is what making this video our absolute favourite! 😀

Kala Chashma, Sia style!: With the lyrics and choreography blending perfectly with each other, we don’t know about Sia, but we are totally loving this mix-up! 😀

So which one of these parodies made you giggle the most? Do let us know!

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