What If The Daily Mail Fails to Recognize Other Bollywood Celebs

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British newspaper Daily Mail clearly had no idea about the wrath of Bollywood fans when they referred to Deepika Padukone simply as “female companion”and “leggy brunette”.


They have since corrected this error after social media gave them quite the thrashing, but frankly they should have known better. Deepika and Bollywood in general is a huge player in international cinema and should not be dismissed so easily. But what if the Daily Mail has more of such blunders up their sleeve? Well we hacked into their databases and found a goldmine! Scroll down to find out!


“Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Selfie With Cheery 10 Year Old”


“Hollywood Legend Al Pacino Pictured With An Over-Enthusiastic Fan”


“Superstar Will Smith Poses With Tibetan Monk”


“Action Star Jackie Chan Snapped With A Traditional Belly Dancer”


“Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio With Flamboyant Senior Citizen”

and finally…


“Award-Winning Director Martin Scorsese With Leggy Brunette And Unidentified Blonde”

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